About Us

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Plants And Succulents

We are a team of IMT Alum, Engineers, logistical masterminds, design geniuses, and lots of dedicated worker bees trying our best to earn the smile you wear on seeing the healthy, happy plants you receive

We are a young enthusiastic team of just over 5- people, working behind the scenes to invite you into the secret life of plants. To nudge you to experiment, make mistakes, play, pause, and disconnect from the noise and find your centre

Our Company

PlantLaga was formed with the idea to help people pause and breathe in some peace in their busy city lives. When Raj Singh returned back to India after finishing his degree in MBA at IMT Dubai, he noticed the disconnect between people and nature and decided to start PlantLaga to build a bridge between the two.

Rooted firmly in his family’s century old agri-tech business, PlantLaga sprung up like a new leaf on a spring morning and is today a mighty tree that helps other smaller businesses thrive in its shade. We have formed a proudly Made in India ecosystem that grows with each passing day.

We are here to encourage people to discover beauty, miracles, and serendipity in their everyday lives. We are here to make the magic of plants accessible to you at your fingertips and safeguard and nurture them till they reach you – their forever homes.

We make plant parenting simpler, comfortable, less intimidating and reassuring through our ideas, knowledge, and understanding. We grow our plants with passion, happiness, and utmost care so that when they reach you, they spread the same joy in your lives.

Our Team

The people behind the plants

Raj Singh


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